Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ah Gou's Visit

Ah Gou came to Singapore for training, and stayed with us on Friday evening. Since it's so close to my birthday, Ah Gou brought along a pretty white party dress - a present from Ah Ma. The white frill top, which I wore with Yee Yee's floral Pooh skirt is from Ah Gou.

Since she leaves on Saturday evening, we took Ah Gou shopping at Vivo City the latest shopping haven in town.

At Changi Airport where we saw Ah Gou off, Dee Dee dashed over to give Ah Gou a big hug moving her to tears! Ah Gou was on the same flight as the infamous lama kid from Tibet, on tour around the region. Scores of fans flocked the check-in area to receive last-minute blessings.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ashley's 4th Birthday - Part 2

I was a PRINCESS on my birthday:-) I got to skip school and go swimming with Mummy in the morning while Rowan Dee Dee headed off to his playgroup class. Couldn't stop grinning the entire time, I had Mummy all to MYSELF! The swimming pool near our place was not too crowded on a weekday, and we got the wading pool to ourselves - I reigned again! After a leisurely swim, Mummy treated me to a yummy Macdonald's kiddy breakfast which was usually ordered in during weekends and I savoured enjoying it at the restaurant. Shopping next and I ruled again when Mummy acceded to all my requests for toys and candy:)
The most wonderful surprise was the sight of my birthday cake, which had been delivered to school by the time I arrived in my royal finery with goodie bags in tow for all my friends. Thinking that a smaller cake may not feed everyone at school, Mummy went for a 3-kg chocolate princess cake much to my delight. My friends came over to admire the cake. Some couldn't resist, including my kid brother, to poke a finger in to sneak a quick taste. My classmates and teachers sang me "Happy Birthday" songs in English and Mandarin. Hey, what happened to the Malay version they did last year? Teacher Rahjee did a great job cutting up the irregular-shaped cake. I got the largest piece of course but many of my friends managed second helpings.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ashley's 4th Birthday - Part 1

I'm so looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my cousins today :) Mummy started preparing for this party (and the one at school) weeks before... party hats, balloons, goodie bags, birthday cake (chocolate of cos!), catering - we are having DIY popiah and pie tee! And Daddy promised to buy me my very first bike, which got me really excited!! I haven't seen it yet, even though Daddy & I had test driven a few. Po Po & Gong Gong gave me a huge angpow to fatten up my bank account. Janice Yee Yee & Chris Yee Jiong got me a pretty floral Pooh skirt and a computer laptop toy which went kaput on the same day, cos all of us kids fought over it and I think someone accidentally dropped it real hard on the floor. Nonetheless, I LIKE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS EVERYDAY !!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hi-5 Overdose

Yup, we ARE addicted to Hi-5! Today was the ultimate... Rowan & I watched Hi-5 (recorded programmes) in the morning, afternoon, evening and just before going to bed! No, we can never get enough of Hi-5, which is driving Mummy totally nuts. Rowan, who is still learning to talk at 20 months mumbles "5...5..." to get Mummy, Daddy or Gong Gong to play the recordings for him. Once we start, we are in a world of our own.. smiling, singing and dancing with Charli, Nathan, Tim, Kathleen & Kellie. Mummy gets really mad whenever I ignore her, my eyes glued to the TV. Guess what, we even watched Hi-5 on the car ride home from Po Po's place. My Daddy has a DVD player installed in his car!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Music Wonderland

That's me at my Yamaha Music Wonderland class, which I attend every Sunday. I started in June last year with Little Notes, doing castanets, bells and triangle. I really enjoyed that class so Mummy enrolled me for the next level in Jan. Most of the kids are from the Little Notes class... and I already am acquainted with them, except for a few new faces. I like it that Mummy gets to come into class with me and join me in the singing and dancing:) We get to play on the keyboard too, I love it! Sometimes, we got too carried away and continued to slam away even after Ms Toh said "Stop!". Yup, Ms Toh was from my Little Notes class too. Occasionally we were invited to stand in front of the room and rehearse the songs we learnt in front of our Mummy or Daddy. I am usually the shy one.

Ben & Jerry's - Yum!

After gulping down 3 cups of B&J's chocolate fudge ice-creams, we are craving for MORE!! This new outlet at Raffles City basement is located next to the water fountain... we love it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Water Babies

We went over to Cousin Eunice's place for a swim. We were so scared at first we didn't dare to even dip our feet in the water. Uncles Chris & Wee Chong are BEST... they took turns straddling Rowan across the pool... before long he could hold onto one of them, kicking his legs like a pro! Still, Rowan needed the support of our uncles... he didn't like the float despite Mummy's coaxing. I am definitely braver!! After Mummy carried me AND the float in the water several rounds, I was ready to "swim"on my own. I didn't even need Mummy near me. I finally overcome my fear... yeah... I LOVE swimming!! My Rowan dee dee also struck out on his own after a while, and BOTH of us had a great time at the pool. We definitely wanna swim again!